The quest for validation

1c. in order to protect someone or something. We are here today to honour those who died for their country. 2. used for stating the purpose of an object or action. We use the basement for storage. The red button is for turning the machine off. 3. used for saying a length of time or a distance. The for statement is used to repeat a block of statements enclosed in curly braces. An increment counter is usually used to increment and terminate the loop. The for statement is useful for any repetitive operation, and is often used in combination with arrays to operate on collections of data/pins. variable. On each iteration a value of a different property is assigned to variable.variable may be declared with const, let, or var.. iterable. Object whose iterable properties are iterated. a. Used to indicate the object, aim, or purpose of an action or activity: trained for the ministry; put the house up for sale; plans to run for senator. An expression (including assignment expressions) or variable declaration evaluated once before the loop begins. Typically used to initialize a counter variable. This expression may optionally declare new variables with var or let keywords. Variables declared with var are not local to the loop, i.e. they are in the same scope the for loop is in ... FOR - Loop through a set of files in one folder. FOR /R - Loop through files (recurse subfolders) . FOR /D - Loop through several folders. FOR /L - Loop through a range of numbers. FOR /F - Loop through items in a text file. FOR /F - Loop through the output of a command. Parameters/arguments %~ options. for-: [prefix] so as to involve prohibition, exclusion, omission, failure, neglect, or refusal. Create forms in minutes... Send forms to anyone... See results in real time Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. A 14-20 year follow-up. Dr. Nicole Winitsky presents her prize-winning oral communication presentation of a long-term study of 3-D tooth movement adjacent to implants in the anterior maxilla. This original research explores the long-term esthetic outcomes of single implants. Anterior implants. Fixed prosthetics. However, nothing requires that the sections in a for statement actually contain anything and, if the iteration condition is missing, it's assumed to be true. So the for (;;) loop basically just means: don't do any post-iteration processing. In other words, it's an infinite loop. Show activity on this post. Create an account or log into Facebook. Connect with friends, family and other people you know. Share photos and videos, send messages and get updates. Synonyms for FOR: pro. Cite this Entry “For.” Thesaurus, Merriam-Webster, 2 Dec. 2021. Find 42 ways to say FOR, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. for meaning: 1. intended to be given to: 2. having the purpose of: 3. because of or as a result of something: . Learn more. Of Used for belonging to, relating to, or connected with: The secret of this game is that you can’t ever win. The highlight of the show is at the end. We often use for and since when talking about time. for + period: a "period" is a duration of time - five minutes, two weeks, six years. For means "from the beginning of the period to the end of the period". since + point: a "point" is a precise moment in time - 9 o'clock, 1st January, Monday. Since means "from a point in the past until now". Further reading []. fór in Příruční slovník jazyka českého, 1935–1957; fór in Slovník spisovného jazyka českého, 1960–1971, 1989

2021.12.07 05:58 briergate The quest for validation

Since I joined this sub almost a year ago, I’ve really come to appreciate how addictive it is to post and comment, then check for ‘likes’. I think I understand why Hilary posts like a manic on crack. And then, I imagine if, for every post I published, I’d receive a barrage of home truths, warranted criticism, and sarcasm.
And then I imagine I’d just. Stop. Posting. All. The. Time.
I genuinely couldn’t take it- it would slowly tear me down until my instinct for self-preservation overrode my insatiable thirst for attention.
You have to hand it to Beacon Hils- she’s got raw stamina!
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2021.12.07 05:58 oopsmilfist 求助🇨🇦是否延迟入学?

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2021.12.07 05:58 FabledSquirrel No coupons anymore?

Hello, so I put few items in my cart for a total of 56€, but I can't find any discount code. It's my first time ever in over 2 years shopping at Shein that I can't find any discount at all.
Has anything changed?
I thought it was because of black friday / cyber monday, but today is still the same. 0 coupons available.
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2021.12.07 05:58 Cosmicacid Boris buster of drugs leader of men

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2021.12.07 05:58 return-to-ash 19yo bear in Corona, looking to cuddle and jerk rn or some other night (prefer fit/slim)

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2021.12.07 05:58 SafeMoonXPost I JUST UPPED MY 💰 JUST OVER AN OTHER 1 BILLION LETS GO I'm at 3.9bill now [X-post from /r/SafeMoon]

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2021.12.07 05:58 BattleBrother1 (Fire and Sword) Question about becoming a rebel

Hey, I am allied with the Polish but after taking a castle it declared me a rebel, is there any way to remain loyal to Poland and take castles for myself? Also will Lord's in this game give out fiefs or forts to their vassals like in Warband? Thanks guys
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2021.12.07 05:58 p1stol_ mina🍦irl

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2021.12.07 05:58 Ocelot2727 Are pets called pets because you pet them or are pets called pets because it's what you do to your pets?

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2021.12.07 05:58 SuddenBus Chaos as prominent Aussie crypto platform myCryptoWallet collapses

Liquidators have been called in to wind up another prominent Australian crypto trading platform, with furious customers reportedly down thousands of dollars after being unable to access their accounts.
Melbourne-based myCryptoWallet – which once boasted it had 20,000 customers – called in administrators on Friday to close the book on a troubled existence that featured tech setbacks and a period of inactivity following a dispute with major bank NAB.
ASIC documents show myCryptoWallet and its 28-year-old founder Jaryd Koenigsmann appointed Brisbane liquidators SV Partners to wind the company up on Friday, making it the second crypto company in two months to fail.
Another Melbourne company, Blockchain Global, collapsed in October owing investors a reported $21m.
The Australian reported on Tuesday that irate myCryptoWallet customers were unable to access their funds, with some taking to social media platforms claiming a $40,000 loss.
Sorry guys! You will probably not recover your funds! Try your luck with another exchange!
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2021.12.07 05:58 telugustopnews మంచులక్ష్మి విన్యాసాలు.. ఇది జస్ట్ శాంపిల్ మాత్రమేనట.. వీడియో వైరల్! - Manchu Lakshmi Lears Kalaripayattu Details @LakshmiManchu @ManchuFanclub #ahabhojanambu #Kalaripayattu #Kerala #ManchuLakshmi #MohanBabu #monsters #Telugu #TeluguStop

మంచులక్ష్మి విన్యాసాలు.. ఇది జస్ట్ శాంపిల్ మాత్రమేనట.. వీడియో వైరల్! - Manchu Lakshmi Lears Kalaripayattu Details @LakshmiManchu @ManchuFanclub #ahabhojanambu #Kalaripayattu #Kerala #ManchuLakshmi #MohanBabu #monsters #Telugu #TeluguStop submitted by telugustopnews to TeluguCinema [link] [comments]

2021.12.07 05:58 ChangedThoughts Nudes trade hmu females nudes

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2021.12.07 05:58 Loucon For my entire life, whenever my feet get wet (whilst I have shoes on) the next few days my soles become unbearably itchy to the point where I unintentionally burn them.

Age - 26 Sex - M Height - 5"10' Weight - 105 Race - caucasian Duration of complaint - 26years Location - feet Any existing relevant medical issues - no Current medications - no Include a photo if relevant - no
Quick background. For my whole life Ive always tried avoiding getting my feet wet when im outside, but due to covid and not being outside that much I lost that sense. Yesterday I stepped in a puddle completely forgetting about it and sure enough my feet are on fire right now.
They're so itchy that the only satisfaction I have is rubbing them on the carpet really fast untill the friction starts to hurt more. It's gotten to the point where you can smell burning due to how hot the rubbing gets.
Doctors have said it's athletes foot, but im quite skeptical as my skin is not cracked or peeling and this only occurs when I have shoes on that get wet on the inside.
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2021.12.07 05:58 Danijelb What division you are currently in?

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2021.12.07 05:58 immaadeeb Playing Clash in the mountains.

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2021.12.07 05:58 Extreme_Worry5401 (Iftr)

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2021.12.07 05:58 JamesArthemeusFin How is this supposed to be acceptable?

About 10 months ago, I bought a dell XPS 9500. I was mostly happy with it, it had (very luckily) none of the QC problems that are somewhat known. I have been using it as my daily driver laptop and have been quite happy with it.
Now about a month ago, I was trying to clean my screen and have realised that the keyboard seems to have left scratches on the screen. I know that this is something that can happen, but I was quite annoyed as I had been very careful about it and this was certainly not acceptable after (back then) just 9 months of use, 5 of which were work from home where the laptop did not need to be moved at all. So I contacted Dell's technical support.
It took them less than a day to respond, which I was quite happy with. They said that "due to the information provided, a hardware defect can not be ruled out" and that they are offering me a free repair in one if their hardware centers. So far, so good. The delivery process was not a hassle and I felt like everything was going according to plan.
Then, I waited for about two weeks. After two weeks, I get an E-Mail from tech support, saying that "the issue could not be reproduced by their support technicians" and that "the LCD screen was working as intended". Keep in mind that there was no issue with the LCD not working and that I have provided them with pictures of the scratches. They might have been hardly noticeable, but first of all, in an almost brand new device, anything like this is inacceptable, secondly, as soon as you were sitting in a backlit situation, you wouldn't see anything but them and lastly, I was already told that they would repair my screen free of charge. I sent them an E-Mail back the same hour explaining the problem once more and saying that I would need my laptop fixed as soon as possible. I hear nothing.
Fast forward roughly two weeks later and i get a notification that my laptop is now being shipped. As I haven't heard from Dell as a reponse to my E-Mail, I send them a message on the support ticket saying something like "can you guarantee me that the screen has been replaced?". I hear nothing.
The laptop arrives three days later and sure enough, they did absolutely nothing about my screen. I boot up the device to run hardware diagnostics and suddendly, the fan starts to make horrible rubbing noises and shaking the entire device, as if there was something stuck in it or it was rubbing against the chasis.
So, I call Dell support and explain what has happened. I also inform the agent that I am furious that I didn't have my device for 3 weeks and NOTHING had been done. I tell him about the new issue and that I need the screen fixed and that I need my device back maximum 9 days later, as I have a very important job to complete and I can not do so with a less powerful device. He is understanding, taking notes of all the issues and is telling me that they will expedite the process. He asks me if I want my device picked up and I tell him that I can print out my own label, I just need him to send it to me, as I have kept the box the device was sent in so that I could send it back, as I immediately saw that nothing was fixed. He tells me that is possible.
I get a second call from one of the logistics operators, confirming my shipping address, where I have to tell them again that I will be printing my shipping label and that I need this as fast as I can. The operator informs me that that is okay and that I will get an E-mail.
This was yesterday at around 2 pm. I haven't gotten an E-Mail, I haven't heard from them, nothing.
To sum up: I was guaranteed a repair, the repair took about twice as long as I was told, NOTHING was done and I got the device back in a worse state than how I sent it in. Now, despite the fact that I told them I needed this urgently, they are running slow and NOTHING IS HAPPENING.
Dell, I demand that either my device will be repaired in the next week or that you will replace my device with an equivalent one so that I can get my work done. For a device that cost me this much, this kind of support is inacceptable.
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2021.12.07 05:58 Mimble_Amagi Gusto niya ba ako?

Nakakatakot lang isipin kasi may kausap ako na girl ngayon. Very clear ako sa intentions ko. She said ayaw pa niya magcommit, and I said what if ligaw lang muna? Pumayag si girl and naging happy naman ako. After nito, i gave her my social sa IG and I asked for hers and she said na nahihiya daw siya. After this, nagkaroon ako ng temper tantrum and said I'll go to sleep. She kept asking me to come back, saying na gusto rin niya ako, she was asking din kung galit pa ako sa kanya. She kept messaging me till morning kinakamusta niya ako. Ang nakakahiya dito ay sinabi niya sakin fav song niya, so pumunta ako sa Youtube and said "I'm talking to this girl online. She recommended me this song so I'm listening to it. Hoping everything goes well." Akala ko anonymous name ko pero hindi pala, so nakita niya comment ko and cinomment niya name ko in ALL CAPS. Long story short, nagsorry na ako tapos ng lahat na ito, pero hindi pa siya active so no response yet. Pero naguguluhan ako kung gusto niya ba ako or hindi. Ayoko siyang mawala kasi feel ko siya lang nakakaintindi sakin pero wala kasi ako experience sa relas kaya natatakot ako. Di ko alam ano gagawin ko.
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2021.12.07 05:58 Xerevea Brazilian Entertainment?

Hello all, I was wondering if anyone here can recommend any Brazilian entertainers I could watch, particularly ones that are on YouTube and play videogames. I have been meaning to practice my portuguese for years and I always fall flat on my face. I'm hoping that if I can endulge myself into some area where I am comfortable with, it will be more fun for me. Music artists are also good. I already listen to Matuê and Gusttavo Lima (I swear all his songs are the same but they're still good).
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2021.12.07 05:58 Stone832 Foodies unite

One week out from trip, what's some good local food spots? I like having things I can't get back home. Wings are a plus but I'm open to anything, food trucks, etc.
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2021.12.07 05:58 Novemberx123 Feel more comfortable when i tell people my trauma

I grew up emotionally neglected. i know when i tell people about my mom, i feel more comfortable around them judging by there response to it and how understanding they are. It’s just hard to open up to my coworkers about that, i’d like to have that wall down but there isn’t a good time to get that deep. How do i go about making myself feel more comfortable around them?
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2021.12.07 05:58 Shiba7755 IS he a admin?

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2021.12.07 05:58 HopeItHelpsYoutube Cuppa Joes Vestavia AL charges credit card for small amount of money for no reason! Why? Is it fraud or some kine of a glitch?

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2021.12.07 05:58 ShyGal_Lilly [self] Festive ShyGal

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2021.12.07 05:58 michgilgar Can I say "Nande da, Tamiko!" if I'm trying to exclaim, "Why, Tamiko!? [why did you do it, tamiko?]

If it's not acceptable, what are the correct ways? Thanks.
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