Msg me if you can help me cum to her

2021.12.07 05:55 ashleybbbb7 Msg me if you can help me cum to her

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2021.12.07 05:55 ValuableTap8178 rate my itto build 0-0

still working on whiteblind and trying to get more def idk if thats gud or bad since i heard he needs def for a lot of attakc so if m wrong or i need to change something let me :)
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2021.12.07 05:55 Cornstarch909 A jazzed up version of the Charlie Brown Christmas song a did a while ago

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2021.12.07 05:55 Significant-Shame276 最近发现了一个秘密,某境外论坛的服务器居然建在阿里云杭州上

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2021.12.07 05:55 Dazzling_Silver_9033 homospacien

Aftet a few days later,you will see this company will be reach to the top up. I see their roadmap and their whole committee system and it’s amazing so hurry up to join with this team.#vizzioart #vizzioartcreatorslab #homospacien #space #blueorigin #spacex #cryptopunks #pudgypenguins #meebits #weirdwhales #supducks #coolcats #longneckieladies
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2021.12.07 05:55 Soap7627 Ya'll need to hear this. Made by an aspiring artist randomly found. -Hell Is A Place On Earth

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2021.12.07 05:55 DiscoveringHighLife Seattle, WA - Mavic 2 Pro.

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2021.12.07 05:55 Cool-Rub8275 Need help with clothes, shoes & toys

I just had a baby in September, and I have a almost 4 year old boy. A few unexpected hospital bills came up so things have been a little tight and I could really use the help. My sons outgrown nearly all his clothes and both boys are in need of shoes and warm clothes for the weather and with Christmas coming up we could use some help with presents as I'm not sure if we'll be able to get much this year. Everything is greatly appreciated. Happy holidays, 🎄 wishlist:
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2021.12.07 05:55 1C_3C_R34_M [steam] [giveaway] 5 codes, random

I brought random games for 1€ and I want to giveaway it, its all for u
comment fav rpg game, if you don't like rpg post ur fav fps fame
I'll choose winners tomorrow, games are random, good luck!

Parkan 2
All You Can Eat
Original War:4
In Between
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2021.12.07 05:55 Emoceanito Of all places I ask reddit… I want someone to know me for who I am, a best friend or something more than that. I never had someone who really knew me other than myself. Where can I find one?

I’m the kid who sits by myself and spends time by myself. I hate teachers for asking me to do group work since I’m always left out, I hate breaks, I always spend my break alone. I don’t know what to do and I’m graduating soon and I probably won’t have any friends from high school.
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2021.12.07 05:55 the__meh What is one of the most memorable event in your life?

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2021.12.07 05:55 AMurderOfCrows_ Looking to call out Mondgo Sleepware for discrimination against the Big and Tall

This is a link to the kickstarter.
Trying to call attention to this kickstarter for their stance on Big and Tall.

Before pledging to this kickstarter, read through the comments and see what discrimination against big and tall people looks like, then maybe consider taking a stand against such discrimination:

This kickstarter made 10 times it's requested amount in the first day or 2 of it existing. It now stands at over 25 times the requested backing amount with about 2 weeks remaining.

Despite multiple backers requesting this product expand to sizes that would be more inclusive of all body types, they remained steadfast in their statements that there were no plans for inclusive sizing or big and tall. They also used language that is considered gaslighting by people who are big or tall and have issues getting clothing that fits. You can read about the statements often used by the fashion industry at this link:

Not only did this company chose to NOT go back and add big and tall sizes, even as a strech goal, they actually negotiated lower prices on the fabric for the people who fit the sizes they are supporting, rather than keeping the prices the same and being more inclusive.

We've directly asked them to change their stance, provided articles about why their statements about being a small start up and limiting sizing because of that is considered offensive and gaslighting to the big and tall humans who are CONSTANTLY hit with these kinds of excuses.

We've also pointed out that their own advertising and kickstarter rewards section indicates that the kickstarter pricing is nearly 50% of what retail pricing is going to be, and yet not only do they have no plans for inclusive sizing, they also have no plans for a second kickstarter that would be exclusively Big and Tall sizes, meaning that those of us who are big or tall are now also looking at paying twice as much for the same product, IF they even choose to offer our sizes.

The biggest issue we have is the idea that Big and Tall people don't fall into their test market demographic. People of our sizes do not take into consideration how many products are sold that we are excluded from, so this lack of inclusiveness from the get go proves a discrimination by design.

We've been a backer for over a month in hopes that they would hear and heed the pleas of the big and tall community. They haven't. We have informed them multiple times that we intended on reporting this product and their response as being uninclusive and discriminatory towards a group of people, and we also intend on launching a campaign informing people of this discrimination by design in an attempt to educate the general public of what we big and tall (i'm 6 foot 3, and another person who was a backer but withdrew commented about being 6'8) community have to go through to get any sizing support.

Make no mistake: They are their own business and can choose to exclude people of size of their own will. We just don't believe they should be rewarded for this action.

We are human too, and we do not deserve to be made to feel like outcasts and rejects from society, being hidden away, simply because we can't fit into "standard" sizes.

We plan on discovering all of this company's advertising platforms and spreading screenshots of their messages to anyone asking about big and tall sizes, and including the whole conversation so that there is no lost or missing context.

We feel there is a major difference between a business choice when your kickstarter hasn't been funded versus when it was funded 10 times over within the first few days. 25 times over is unforgivable, particularly with as much time and as many requests as have been made of this company.

Inclusive size options will not cost them much more in the way of materials or design, and the big and tall community are more than willing to pay into it if the company reverses their discriminatory stance. They simply refused to adapt or offer any alternatives that provided the same benefits to larger people.

Make no mistake people: This is literally discrimination, regardless of intent.

We are asking for you to shut this kickstarter down and withdraw your pledge as the company in question continues down their stated path of discrimination against humans included in the size category of Big and Tall.

Please, kickstarter backers and Kickstarter (the company): stand WITH inclusiveness and AGAINST discrimination of any human, regardless of their skin color, sexual orientation, religion, gender, or size.
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2021.12.07 05:55 LordGowron My Season 4 dogtag with Eaglemoss Colonial One. My company worked on S4 providing technical services, I received the dogtag as a thank you.

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2021.12.07 05:55 whyamihere999 Saw this on unexpected, and the caption is bigger than the damn vid.

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2021.12.07 05:54 ZuperZhadow Parents of Reddit, have you ever witnessed you child be so angry that not even you could calm them down? If so, what was the situation?

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2021.12.07 05:54 FriendshipUseful9477 F*n vad störande att den är sne.

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2021.12.07 05:54 Defund_The_1Percent Brick Hill Management/ Priam Inc., Gotham City LA

Beware of these job postings on indeed titled Account managers/ account management. Specifically from the employers named Brick Hill Management, Priam Inc, and Gotham City LA. They almost got me but I did my research and found out that they make you sign a contract and never pay you the promised 45-50k a year since it is commission based. They are being posted in the Los Angeles area (specifically San Fernando valley area: North Hollywood/ Burbank)
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2021.12.07 05:54 StrangeAnalyst20 Общение - элементы, вербальное, невербальное, барьеры, язык непринятия, повышение эффективности

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2021.12.07 05:54 JustKrisNah T2T - a Practical Primer on the Twin Flame Phenomenon Pt. 1

I want to begin by stating this is not an attempt to incite, troll, or attack anyone's personal subjective experience. There may be genuine good done by the phenomenon we call Twin Flame and I withhold judgment on anyone's motive; this may not be apparent to the audience as some of the practices described will seem shocking or terrifying, and it may therefore seem as though I am implying an ultimately malicious or selfish intent. In truth, I am attempting to draw as few conclusions as possible, but rather present only my observations, as objectively as I am able. I will clearly state when I am speculating to intent
I use the term T2T referring to the entire Twin Flame apparatus. The term TF is used for an individual's "person." Individual members of T2T I refer to as Teef
I do not write in code, cypher, or numerology. I attempt to be as clear and direct as possible; please post a comment here inquiring about anything you feel I may have written "between the lines," because I am not intending to do so. I have only used this username and one other (wymlast8395) on Reddit and will not create another for any reason, ever
I am not a journalist or whistle-blower. To give complete transparency, my motive in writing and posting this is to follow through on a boundary violated and a demand made that has not been satisfied. I have my own standards of what is tolerable, and have little patience when these are tested. I'm not going to wager chips in a game where I don't know the stakes and I'm not a trained seal to perform without compensation
I have nothing, and nothing to lose, and no fear of anything that can be done to myself or anyone else. My actions are directed by Virtue. That is, I act based on what I feel is correct action, not on fear of consequence or desire for gain. I do not feel guilt over sins performed by others, even if they are the results of threats carried out. My ability to compromise regarding my principles is very narrow
While details may seem shocking or terrifying, they should by no means seem unbelievable to anyone who has been involved with the Twin Flame phenomenon
1.1 MYSELF: My name is Robert McFadden. I grew up in Washington, D.C. and currently reside in South Carolina. I am a 38 year old white male
I will sometimes refer to my person with the cypher N. Her details are not mine to share, neither could I guarantee their veracity
For that matter, neither can I confirm my own, even to myself. Like everything involved with T2T, reading this document will require a degree of trust and judgment on your part
2.1 WHAT IS T2T? The seemingly vast and mostly invisible network of people and influence that seems to surround the Twin Flame phenomenon is at its heart a behavioral modification system. It is designed to study, condition, and alter those who enter it. These alterations take the form of changes made to behavior, either developing or reinforcing behaviors considered useful, restricting or removing behaviors considered detrimental, and teaching skills considered valuable or practical
2.2 CARROTS: This conditioning takes the form of a "carrot and stick" approach. The main carrot used is the TF, or a person's Twin Flame. This is typically described as the other half of a person's soul, after a particularly old and enlightened soul is split into two and incarnated as two people in this lifetime. This description with its supernatural or religious tone is used to explain what might otherwise be unexplainable feelings, synchronicities, or circumstances. That is, the two halves of the one soul recognize each other and long to study each other (which is also itself) and if appropriate reunite
Again, I do not wish to imply conclusion. I believe in many a strange thing myself, and it may be the case that a soul could incarnate in this way. I am, however, skeptical of the notion that I somehow have a "higher self" that may know what I want better than I do. I also take issue with the notion that my "higher self" could know better how I am to act than the direction I feel given by God. I am suspicious of any further explanation that would wish me to reconcile the two influences, as I feel that would by definition involve "watering down" God's wishes
There are others "carrots" for certain. These generally seem to take the form of material inducements, such as a new job, home, or vehicle. This is typically timed to occur after one has done "well" by the standards of T2T, or after one announces a strong desire to change and begin doing "better"
Carrots can also take the form of people. Mentors especially will turn up, ready to share their wisdom and experience, often at no expense or even to their own cost. Potential friends, as well, will at least be introduced and given the opportunity to bond. I imagine potential business partners are brought together in the same way
This introduces the sort of moral and ethical complexity that is immediately encountered when one enters T2T; my experiences with the people I met in T2T have been positive on the whole. I certainly don't regret lessons learned from valued mentors or treasured times spent with beloved friends. But these personal connections also serve to protect T2T by making it painful and more difficult to challenge its wishes or actions
2.3: When negative reinforcement or punishment is required, T2T has several "sticks" at its disposal. The main of these is the removal of one's TF, or the threat thereof. In my personal case, I was told that N had died. The effect of meeting someone for whom profound and life-changing feelings have developed, and then having them taken from one's life is traumatic to say the least
It is a loss known by many who have experienced a hard breakup or the death of a significant other. It would be merely tragic were it just that. However, being that it is an effected circumstance created by a hidden third party effectively makes it abuse.
The fact that this abuse is inflicted with the intent of changing the Teefs and altering their behaviors makes it a form of conditioning, like the pimp who rapes, then nurtures, victims to establish dominance on their part and dependence on the part of the victims. Or, like human traffickers who hold the children of women hostage to ensure that the mothers will be compliant, even eager, sex slaves.
I believe pimps and traffickers to do a worse evil than the T2T removal of someone's TF, but it is close akin in nature if not scale.
Other sticks can literally include any harmful fate that could befall a person, it seems. I have heard or seen firsthand accounts that include being drugged, framed, raped, losing custody of children, being arrested, being convicted. I've observed a couple cases of very suspiciously timed onset of lasting and painful diseases such as Lupus, diabetes, and fibromyalgia. I myself have been drugged on three occasions of which I am definitely aware. It is impossible to say how many more there might have been
These generally are timed to coccur if one loses favor with their "group." That is, soon after one is excommunicated from their faith, when a regular 12-Step member relapses and quits attending meetings, when a member of a large and close family acts out in an unacceptable way. If the group's methods of correction fail, the sticks of T2T come out to provide seemingly divine punishment for one's fuckups
The Teef is then looped back into application of the carrots when the Teef, counseled by mentors and friends, returns to the group and its ways
[End pt. 1]
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2021.12.07 05:54 killthenerds Attraction Inequality and the Dating Economy

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2021.12.07 05:54 Unravelthedusk Which signed Red should I keep? The other two are for my friends

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2021.12.07 05:54 exmindchen A casual survey: how many of you are aware of the historical critical research about the existence of Jesus and Muhammad?

This is not a survey of whether you accept the historicity or mythicism of both the characters. Just about the general awareness of research scholarships on the subject.
View Poll
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2021.12.07 05:54 charyoshi Freedom Planet Cyanide character redesigns by CulFyr on DeviantArt

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2021.12.07 05:54 IncludeKarma akagaslar dersdeyim hoca şiir yazın dedi aklıma konu gelmiyo yardım

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2021.12.07 05:54 the-memer-man Any good quality of life/ just fun mods in general that most people use?

I just want fun mods that improve the overall game
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